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Who is Jordan Stupar?

Jordan Stupar is the CEO of Stupar Enterprises and the owner of the fastest growing sales training and media creation companies in the country.

Recognized globally as the creator of Cashcards: Flashcards for Closers, Jordan has established himself as a leading resource for today's modern sales professional and was recently named one of the top 20 entrepreneurs to wach in 2023 by LA Weekly.

After creating and successfully selling his SaaS company in 2020, Jordan pursued his passion for helping salespeople and sales organizations significantly increase sales and expand their digital footprint.

Jordan's newer, sharper and creative approach to sales training enabled him to quickly scale his business to multiple 7-figures in only 18 months.

Unless you sell to trees and animals, Jordan's psychological and process driven methods will help you sell more.

Access A World Class Sales Curriculum

Secrets Of Peak Performing Salespeople

The first part of the Sales Academy is designed to give you the proper foundation, principals and attributes that you must adopt in order to achieve your potential as a sales professional in today's market.

Total Lessons: 19

How To Sell To Other Human Beings

Learn how to identify the 4 types of buyer, control your attitude, handle upset customers, proper communication and how to talk to anyone.

Total Lessons: 20

Cold Call Mastery

Master the art of cold calling and handling inbound leads. Leverage the 5-Step Cold Calling Formula to gain control, build confidence and generate interest with potential buyers. Learn how to stay motivated, get past gatekeepers, utilize social media the right way and get your way more often.

Total Lessons: 19

Perfect Your Sales Pitch

Learn the 6 different emotions that buyers experience before making purchasing decisions and use Complex Technique to generate emotional responses from your buyer. Pitch Perfect will help you get people to want what you sell, eliminating objections from the close and build value that your buyer cannot live without.

Total Lessons: 18 + Bonus Course

Become A True Closer

Develop a killer mentality and understand what is happening to your buyer psychologically in the close. Arm yourself, develop real confidence and discover how your buyer's subsconscious thoughts dictate their decisions. Also understand when to go 'hard in the pain' and when to be a smooth operator.

Total Lessons: 17

Handle Any Objection

Regardless of how good you are, you're going to hear objections. Jordan will share with you proven objection responses to nearly any customer consideration you'll face as a salesperson. You'll also learn the Objection Handling Formula, something you can use to get your way out of any situation in life.

Total Lessons: 20

Value-Driven Follow Up That Works

Learn how to entertain and educate your buyers by implementing incredibly effective follow-up techniques. Learn how to stay in your buyer's space long enough for them to make a decision to work with you and do business with you. Stop 'checking in' and giving up on your follow-up efforts. Maximize every opportunity and cut the noise, so that sooner or later, you get the deal done.

Total Lessons: 29

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How do I know this will work for me?

To be candid, you'll know that this is going to work for you when you decide to make it work for you. Hundreds of salespeople from every industry - just like you - already rely on the information, techniques, wordtracks and approaches inside this course. If you're willing to put the work in and make personal skill development a part of your daily life just like I have, you'll experience some incredible results.

When are the weekly calls with Jordan?

Jordan hosts his calls via Zoom every Wednesday at 12pm CST. If you're unable to make these calls regularly, don't sweat it! Each call is recorded and quickly uploaded to the Academy so you never miss out on the action.

How do I get access when I join?

The moment your payment is processed, you'll receive an automated email with your username and password. You'll also receive instructions on how to join our private Telegram group. If you ever have a question, please contact support@jordanstupar.com for immediate assistance.

Is there a contract?

Nope! You may cancel your membership at anytime by submitting your notice of cancellation to support@jordanstupar.com without any penalty or obligation.

What if I'm not able to make the live weekly calls?

You'll have access to recording the within 12-24 hours of the live call ending. You'll find these recordings inside your Sales Academy portal.

How do I access the private Telegram group?

You'll receive an automated email with instructions to join our private Telegram chat as soon as payment has been processed. Additional help can be found by contacting support@jordanstupar.com

Can I access the live call recordings?

You'll be able to access the live call recordings within your Sales Academy private portal.

How is this different than other online sales courses?

Jordan Stupar offers an incredibly unique approach to selling, rooted in psychology but also understands how sales has evolved. As a millennial, Jordan is in the trenches each day acquiring new clients, building a sales staff and keeps his finger on the pulse of today's modern marketplace.

I already earn over $150k/yr, do you have anything more 'hands on'?

Yes! If you're a sales professional or entrepreneur already making over $150,000/yr, you may qualify to join our SPADE Group.

How many videos are inside The Sales Academy?

The Sales Academy currently contains over 200+ professional lessons and over 200+ call recordings, client calls and additional resources. Of course, as a member, you'll instantly receive new content and lessons without any additional charge.

The ONLY reason you wouldn't do this:

Read this carefully. What I'm about to tell you literally happens to you every single time you are in the close with a customer - and it's worth paying attention to.

Right now, you're thinking about joining Stupar Sales Academy. Since you're reading this, it means you haven't decided on joining us yet.

Somewhere in your subconscious, your brain is busy talking you out of doing what is in your own best interest to do: access new information that could make you more money.

Right now, you're not comparing the decision to invest into yourself to all the good decisions you've made in your life.

Right now, you're comparing the decision to invest into yourself to all the bad decisions you've made in your life.

You're subconsciously thinking about the gym membership you have, but don't use.

You're thinking about all the books you've purchased, but never read.

You're thinking about that last sales course that you went through, but didn't work.

The only reason you wouldn't join Stupar Sales Academy is because you don't think you're going to log in, use it and crush sales.

Yes, this will absolutely work for you - but logging in and making this training a part of your daily life is a requirement. If you don't, it won't work for you.