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Cashcards: Flashcards for agents who want to crush objections & close more deals


Perfect for all agents, brokers and even lending partners

Cashcards for Real Estate

Big Confidence. Small Box.

'After launching the original Cashcards: Flashcards for Closers, so many real estate agents and brokers reached out. They wanted a specific training solution for themselves and their agents. After dozens of hours working and collaborating with top producers within the real estate industry, Cashcards for Real Estate were born.' 

- Jordan Stupar, Creator

Each Deck of Cashcards For Real Estate Features:

- 40 Total Real Estate Specific Sales Objections & Proven Word Tracks

- Objections From Sellers

- Objections From Buyers

- Durable & Clever Tuck Box For Safe Storage

- QR-Enabled Interactive Cards For Additional Training & Live Chat (NEW!)

So go ahead. Let the big dog eat. (We're talking about you)

*Yes, you'll get more out of these than that last real estate conference you went to.

Simple Concept. Powerful Result.

Each deck of Cashcards for Real Estate feature 40 real estate specific sales objections and 40 proven responses that you can use to convert more real estate opportunities. 

Use For Preparation: As an agent, you know that you'll hear objections throughout the sales process. Use Cashcards to prepare effective responses.

Use For Correction: If you are ever left scratching your head, wondering what you could have said, use Cashcards to gain valuable insights for next time.

10 reasons why you need Cashcards

1. Today's buyers and sellers are more educated than ever. Are you?

2. You deserve to buy your dream house, too.

3. Eating off the left side of the menu makes the food taste better.

4. Each response gives you kick*ss questions to ask (that you aren't right now).

5. Your clients deserve to work with a more confident agent (you!).

6. Well, you can't buy them anywhere else... we've got a trademark.

7. You can take way better family vacations & go more often.

8. Because Santa loves rich real estate kids more.

9. The last time your sellers said they 'wanted to wait', you sounded like a dork.

10.. These cards helped my wife sell $50M+ in real estate. So yeah... they work.

you asked. we listened.

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Cashcards for Real Estate

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