July 30, 2022

Why I will never stop working

My director of sales asked me when I'll stop building, growing and pursuing my ambitious goals. I decided to jump into my office and answer the question because I believe my perspective will be valuable to others. The truth is: I'll never stop working, building or growing.

Have you ever wondered where happiness is located?

I believe that happiness is located in the space between where you are now and where you want to be. Material possessions like houses, cars, bags and designer clothes are nice - but they won't make you happy. Even accomplishments like selling a company, getting your dream job or winning a championship won't make you happy. Yes, these things will make you feel good and bring you some temporary joy and possibly even some fulfillment. However, there's always something more to reach for.

What matters more: the journey or the destination?

The truth is that both matter. You must learn how to appreciate the journey because I promise, once you reach your destination, you'll likely find a new goal or achievement to pursue that excites you. Life isn't about reaching any single destination, it's about reaching as many of them as you can before you die.

Yes, I want to achieve incredible financial success in my life.

But I also want an amazing marriage. 

I also want to be a great father for my children.

I also want to make a difference in my community and to make an impact on others.

So, I'll never stop working.

And along the way, I'm sure I'll find more 'destinations' to reach for and I hope you do as well.

Punta Cana, 2021

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Written and recorded by Jordan Stupar, 2022


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