Mind Blowing Productivity Hacks For Salespeople

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with balancing your life as a salesperson and your life as a human being?

Are you tired of busting your ass during the day only to come home and do dishes, take out the trash and fold laundry?

Is there more to life than constantly having to choose between working and... working?

Each moment of your life should boil down to two things: earning money and enjoying yourself.

There's really no need to overcomplicate it like I did for most of my life.

A few years ago, I wrote down a list of things I didn't like doing. Things like cooking, doing laundry, cleaning my house...etc. I realized that not only did I not enjoy doing those mindless activities, spending time doing these things was costing me two of my most valuable assets: time and money.

I spent most of my life pretending that I didn't have enough money to hire a maid or a house cleaner or order freshly prepared meals online to eat throughout the week. I was wrong. Really wrong.

Let's do some quick and easy math.

If you earn $82,000 per year, you're really earning $9.36 every hour throughout the year. And that's before taxes.

Let's pretend that you spend 2 hours every week doing your laundry. That means that you're going to spend roughly 106 hours over the next year cleaning your clothes and folding them.

106 hours of laundry x $9.36/hr = $973.44 of your time doing laundry!

 You already know that you can hire a cleaner to do it for you, but haven't hired them yet because you don't want to pay them $15/hr, a rate that exceeds what you make per hour. 

However, if you do hire the cleaner to do your laundry, you'll end up paying $1,560/yr and free up 106 hours of your life.

This is 106 hours of being able to choose between doing two things: earn more money or spend more time enjoying your life. 

If you're in sales, you should never do anything that keeps you from earning more money or keeps you from enjoying your life.

The truth is that you can easily earn more than what you pay your cleaner to do your laundry if you worked an extra 106 hours this year. Depending on your commission rate and average sales cycle, this could be one of the most ROI positive decisions you make!

So, take a look at all the things that you don't enjoy doing, figure out a way to replace yourself from doing those things and figure out if you'd rather use that time to enjoy your life or earn more money. It's really as simple as that.

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