Cashcards for Real Estate
Cashcards for Real Estate

Cashcards for Real Estate

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'After launching the original Cashcards: Flashcards for Closers, so many real estate agents and brokers reached out. They wanted a specific training solution for themselves and their agents. After dozens of hours working and collaborating with top producers within the real estate industry, Cashcards for Real Estate were born.' 

- Jordan Stupar, Creator

Each Deck of Cashcards For Real Estate Features:

- 40 Total Real Estate Specific Sales Objections & Proven Word Tracks

- Objections From Sellers

- Objections From Buyers

- Durable & Clever Tuck Box For Safe Storage

- QR-Enabled Interactive Cards For Additional Training & Live Chat (NEW!)

So go ahead. Let the big dog eat. (We're talking about you)

*Yes, you'll get more out of these than that last real estate conference you went to.