August 5, 2022

Using logic to defeat Sales objections

Objections are always a hot topic with sales people because they can be difficult to overcome. That's why I created Cashcards: Flashcards for Closers and why we've sold over 30,000 decks to sales professionals all around the globe. Cashcards have been very helpful in helping salespeople understand what to say when they hear an objection. 

The only thing Cashcards don't do is explain why these responses work while handling customer objections.

The reason why the responses on Cashcards work is because they are just as logical as the objections themselves. When your customer gives you an objection, they are attempting to give you a logical reason as to why they aren't going to buy your product:

- I need to think about this
- I need to talk to my spouse/partner
- Your price is too high

Is it logical for someone to 'think about it' before making a decision? Yes!
Is it logical for someone to 'talk to their spouse' before making a decision? Yes!
Is it logical for someone to consider 'the price' before making a decision? Yes!

The problem is that most salespeople have an emotional reaction to objections - making it difficult to provide a logical response.

That's the reason why being a salesperson usually carries a negative connotation. 

Salespeople understand that their products work, solve problems and are a logical purchase for their customers. But, customer objections directly contradict their own logic and in turn, can produce an emotional response. Unaware salespeople generally ask the wrong questions, have a defensive tone and can seem too 'pushy' for this reason. 

It's no wonder why 76% of customers feel as though salespeople 'don't listen'. (shocker)

If you want to become a pro at handling customer objections you have to do 3 things:

1. Understand that your customer is using a logical approach
2. Don't become emotional
3. Deliver a logical response 

How often to customers make quick purchases? How often to customers make decisions without consulting someone else? How often do customers go over budget?

The answer: all of the time.

And they'll likely do business with you too if you can help them come to their own conclusion that it's the right thing to do.

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